"Inspirational Conversations Start With HI …"

So ... What Do We Do?

Leadership and People


Coaching, mentoring, workshops and reviews - from Directors to frontline experts - equipping leaders to deliver, inspire with confidence and access discretionary effort

Winning Teams


Behaviour analysis, team role mapping, personalities, dynamics and relationships ('honesty chairs') - forging stronger, tighter and more collaborative high impact teams

Business Growth


Core and advanced sales training, team or individual workshops and coaching, bid and pipeline reviews, strategic account management - driving revenue, profit and growth

Change Consultancy

Change programmes Hengist Inspird

Culture and performance change, strategic investment plans, project delivery reviews - including supply chain, sustainability and operations - identify priorities, owners, quick wins and 27-Point Action Plans

Keynotes & Conferences


Engaging, thought-provoking and warm keynote speaking and full event hosting - for conferences, launches or any occasion - covering a range of topics to motivate and stimulate people to act

Thought Leadership


Research, report writing, white papers or campaign collateral - aimed at engaging clients, workers and wider stakeholders to develop brands or drive business growth