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“David’s unique, inspirational keynote speech captivated our Customer Leadership Conference.  Bringing discretionary effort alive to motivate teams and transform customer experience, our leaders were buzzing with ideas.  Blending perceptive ‘human’ patterns and impactful thinking, David’s warm and relatable stories have changed team engagement. We use his ‘challenge the white squares’ tactic and we’ve invited him back to speak, facilitate and brainstorm at our Innovation Festival.  There’s been a clear business benefit from galvanising people into positive change for our evolving customer experience journey.”

(Dawn, Head of Customer Strategy and Experience)

Hengist Inspired and Centrica

“David delivered a keynote speech against a backdrop of significant organisational restructure.  His keen perspective and focused clarity of purpose, with just an hour on stage, had an immediate electrifying impact – visibly activating our leaders to embrace the uncertainty they (and their teams) faced.  Overwhelmingly positive feedback centred around David’s ability to cut through fog and gel his audience around what really matters.  His gift for engaging people with a compelling narrative, combined with his powerful delivery style, is a worthwhile investment for any change programme.”

(Katarina, Head of Contractor Management)

Hengist Inspired


“RadioTrade has worked with David since 2018.  He delivered the most exciting and talked-about presentation at our Channel Development conference and has partnered with us to create and deliver a channel training programme for our Sales Academy.  He has become an integral part of our team to inspire skills and marketplace development. Delegates regularly comment enthusiastically on David’s knowledge, skills and integrity, returning time and again for his next courses. A pleasure to work with, we look forward to continuing our development and business growth together”

(Sarah, Marketing Manager)

Hengist Inspired

“David led an event for us as keynote speaker, and has now facilitated two leadership training sessions. I am always amazed by David’s knowledge on almost all subjects and his ability to hold a room on the edge of their seat whilst he takes them through a story or key learning. I would urge you to get in touch now, and see how David could help your business”

(Helen, Managing Director)



“David is working with Sabio Group to assist me in developing our leadership team’s understanding of a new matrix structure and work style.  David very quickly gained our leaders’ trust and interest through his engaging workshops, going on to assist the senior executive team, and is now a trusted mentor and advisor.  A great partner, helping me to move the business forward, I am grateful for his support in our continuing journey to develop Sabio’s current and future leaders”

(Michelle, Chief People Officer)